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Unlikely Stowaways: Weed Seeds Travel To Faraway Places on Cars, Trucks and ATVS

When you take your four-wheel drive out for a spin this fall, you might be bringing home more than memories. Researchers at Montana State University have found that vehicles are routinely transporting invasive weed seeds. Seeds can stow away on tires, bumpers, wheel wells or the underside of a vehicle and sometimes travel great distances before falling off in a new locale. As weed seeds sprout and grow, they can crowd out native plants, disrupt native ecosystems and wildlife habitats and reduce crop yields when they spread to nearby fields… more »

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Weed Scientists to Focus on Latest Research and Management Practices During 52nd Annual Meeting of WSSA

Early bird registration is now open for the 52nd annual meeting of the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) – an event that will focus on the latest developments in weed science research and management practices. more »

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