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Graduate Assistantship (PhD) with University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY

Type of position Graduate Assistantship, including tuition waiver and 12 month stipend.
Employer University of Wyoming
Location Laramie, WY
Salary Base stipend $22,380/yr
Benefits Student health insurance and tuition waiver
Closing date of competition When filled
Date position available May, 2018
Description of duties

We are looking for a PhD student to investigate the contribution of light competition and phytochrome-mediated responses as they relate to crop yield loss due to weeds. It is well known that weeds reduce crop yield, but our understanding of the underlying mechanisms that cause yield loss is incomplete. Resource depletion is undoubtedly a major contributor to crop yield loss; as weeds use water, nutrients, and light, there is less available for the crop. But other mechanisms also contribute to yield loss due to weeds, including phytochrome-mediated changes in growth collectively called shade avoidance responses. Preliminary studies suggest shade avoidance can reduce Beta vulgaris yield up to 70%, even without direct competition for resources. As a part of this project, the student will be expected to 1) determine the growth stages of the Beta vulgaris life cycle that root yield is affected by shade avoidance responses; and 2) quantify the relative importance of reflected light quality to crop yield loss compared to direct competition for light and water.

Qualifications sought

M.S. in Agronomy, Botany, Biology, or related field. 

Contact for additional information If interested, please contact Andrew Kniss (akniss@uwyo.edu).
Application procedure  
Submit what A statement of purpose that describes your professional objectives and scientific interests
A current Curriculum Vitae
Current academic transcripts
TOEFL scores (if English is not your primary language)
Three letters of recommendation (sent directly from references)
Submit to Linda-Jean Jay (ljay@uwyo.edu)
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