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Pokeberry, pokeweed, pigeonberry, inkweed, garget, scobe

Family: Phytolaccaceae Scientific name: Phytolacca american L. Common name: Pokeberry, pokeweed, pigeonberry, inkweed, garget, scobe Description: Pokeberry is a smooth, herbaceous perennial of the pokeberry family; it develops from a thick taproot. The stem may reach up to 6 feet … more »

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Poisonous Plants

Plants that are allergenic or that cause dermatitis or mechanical injury are annoying, but the victim usually recovers. Plants that are poisonous when eaten, however, may cause serious illness or even death. Since these plants are harmful only if chewed, … more »

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Weed Identification

Weed Images is a joint project of the University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health and the Weed Science Society of America. General Search Advanced Search http://www.weedimages.org/search/index.cfm Also visit various Weed Identification Pages (external) Link to common weed images Alder – Alnus spp. P. Mill. (WeedImages.org) Amaranth, Spiny – Amaranthus spinosus L. (WeedImages.org) American Beauty Berry – Callicarpa americana L. … more »

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The Deadly Problem of Poisonous Weeds

Scientists recommend that you learn to identify and avoid plants that produce dangerous toxins. Your life may depend on it! Earlier this year a woman in Washington State died from suspected hemlock poisoning after gathering the leafy green weed and using it on a salad. Unfortunately her death wasn’t an isolated occurrence. Each year dozens of people die or are sickened by weeds they didn’t know would cause them harm. more »

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