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Tropical Soda Apple Overshadows Some Agricultural Industries in the Sunshine State

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Tropical Soda Apple. The name may not sound particularly threatening, but in the short time it has been known to be in the United States, Tropical Soda Apple has created a veritable crisis within Florida’s agricultural industries. From cattle ranchers to hay producers and grass seed harvesters, Tropical Soda Apple has infiltrated the ranks of these agribusinesses and poses a threat to the economies of these industries. more »

Biofuel Crop: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?

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It’s a Cinderella story. Weeds, scorned and trod on for years and persistently excluded from the manicured gardens and uniform crops of respectable horticultural and agricultural society are fast becoming the darlings of a burgeoning biofuel industry. But not all fairytales have a happy ending. more »

Summer May Be Over, But Some Pesky Weeds Are Still Hard At Work

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Sure, the growing season is over and cooler weather is moving in, but don’t think the weeds in your lawn and garden are taking a little R & R. In fact, many of them, especially invasive weeds, are still vexing unsuspecting victims or are busy plotting their next move so they can come out swinging at the first hint of spring next year. more »

Wildfires: Fueling the Argument For Increased Invasive Weed Control

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In the western states, where wildfires are most prevalent, the encroachment of resilient, invasive plants has paved the way for a succession of rampant rangeland and desert wildfires. Two culprits that play major roles in stoking the flames of these reoccurring western wildfires are Cheatgrass and Red Brome. more »

Four Things You Need to Know About What May be Lurking in Your Garden

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You’ve just finished a long day of gardening, taking great care to meticulously prune the trees and shrubs, painstakingly weeding the lawn and all the flower beds. But before you sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well-done, you may want to take a closer look at some of the varieties of plants growing in your yard. Some of the very plants you lovingly care for and toil over each weekend may actually be harmful to the environment. more »

Invasive Plants Threaten National Landscapes

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It’s summer again. People will be spending more time outdoors strolling through city parks, gardening in their yards or vacationing at any one of our country’s beautiful national preserves. However, what they may not realize as they take in the breathtaking natural landscapes is that these picturesque areas actually are in peril from a group of insidious predators—otherwise known as invasive weeds. more »