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The Awards Parent Committee (W3) shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair, appointed for a term of three years, and eleven members, who shall be chairs of each subcommittee:
    1. Fellows and Honorary Member;
    2. Outstanding Extension Award;
    3. Outstanding Research Award;
    4. Outstanding Teacher Award;
    5. Outstanding Paper in Weed Science;
    6. Outstanding Paper in Weed Technology;
    7. Outstanding Graduate Student Award;
    8. Outstanding Young Weed Scientist;
    9. Outstanding Industry Award;
    10. Photo Contest; and
    11. Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award.
    12. The subcommittee chairs will serve three-year terms on a staggered basis so that not more than four will be new members of the Awards Committee in any one year.  All subcommittees shall consist of five members each, exclusive of the Chair, appointed to staggered five-year terms, so that one person  rotates off each year and a new person is appointed each year. The five members will be selected so that each WSSA region (Northeastern Weed Science Society, Southern Weed Science Society, Western Society of Weed Science, North Central Weed Science Society), and the Canadian Weed Science Society is represented on each subcommittee. In the event of the necessity of replacing a member before the completion of a term, a replacement will be selected from the same region to fill the unexpired term.  Members of subcommittees are not eligible to nominate for or receive the award for which their committee is responsible. Each major award recipient including Fellows and Honorary Members will be informed officially by the President of his/her selection for the respective awards.
  2. Prepare the Awards Program for printing, but the Awards Program will be printed only after concurrence on awardees by the Board of Directors.
  3. Select and recommend Fellows and Honorary Members according to the criteria in the Constitution.
  4. Select and recommend the Outstanding Extension Worker in weed science
  5. Select and recommend the Outstanding Research Worker in weed science.
  6. Select and recommend the Outstanding Teacher of weed science.
  7. Select the paper in the journals of Weed Science and Weed Technology which are judged to be the outstanding contribution in the available issues not previously considered. The senior author will not be eligible to repeat as senior author within a three-year period.
  8. Select and recommend one or two Outstanding Graduate Students.
  9. Select and recommend the Outstanding Early Career Weed Scientist
  10. Select and recommend the Outstanding Industry Award recipient.
  11. Select and recommend award recipients from the annual Photo Contest.
  12. Select and recommend recipients of the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award.
  13. Select and recommend two recipients for the Outstanding Reviewer Awards (via electronic Associate Editor rankings – completed by Allen Press). The subcommittee for this award will consist of the editors of Weed Science and Weed Technology plus the WSSA Director of Publications.The award winners will be determined as follows. A combined score will be calculated by Allen Press for each reviewer, totaling all of the reviews that individual prepared for both Weed Science and Weed Technology for the period from October 1 though September 30.  A numerical score for review quality (A = 5 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D or F = 0 points.) will be assigned to each review conducted.   A numerical score for time required to review each paper (0-21 days = 2 points, 22-35 days = 1 points, over 35 days = 0 points) will be calculated for each review.   The final score for each reviewer will be:  total letter grade scores + total review time scores.  In that manner, the quality of the reviews will have greater weight than the time to review.
    Allen Press will send to the award subcommittee a printout showing the top ten scores by December 1 of each year.  Awards will be presented to the 2 reviewers with the highest scores at the following WSSA annual meeting.  The subcommittee will decide how to handle any ties.  An individual can receive the award only once every four years.  Each award recipient will receive a certificate plus a check for $250.
  14. Select and recommend recipients of other awards that may be approved by the Board of Directors. Special recognition awards may originate from individuals, committees, or from the Board of Directors, but the Awards Committee must be informed and the awards must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  15. Keep names of award recipients confidential until approved by the Board of Directors and the award recipient is notified by the President. The Chair of the Awards Committee will relay recommendations on award recipients to the President by   December 1. The President will poll the Board of Directors and advise the Chair of the Awards Committee of the Board of Directors’ action by December 15. Each award recipient, including Fellows, will be informed officially by the President no less than    one month prior to the annual meeting. Honorary members will be informed officially by the President immediately after approval by the Board of Directors.
  16. Six weeks prior to presentation of all awards, request the Executive Secretary to prepare certificates or plaques for presentation to the above. The Chair of the Awards Committee in notifying award recipients of details of the banquet and award presentations shall request names and addresses of six individuals or newspapers (Deans, Chairs, papers) who should be notified of their awards.  After the annual meeting, the Chair shall send those individuals so identified a copy of that portion of the Awards Banquet Program pertaining to the award winner’s category and associated     biographical sketch. This is facilitated as the Banquet Program is formulated by the Awards Chair and the appropriate information can be copied from it into a release accompanied by an informational letter from the Chair.
  17. Adhere to the following guides concerning Teacher, Extension, Research, Early CareerWeed Scientist, Graduate Student Award, and Undergraduate Research Award.
    1. Any one individual cannot receive more than one such award in one year.
    2. A winner is not eligible to repeat in that award.
  18. Rotate the sponsors of major awards of equal value annually, except the sponsor of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, and the Outstanding Early Career Weed Scientist Award, which are not rotated. Each award sponsor should be advised of the specific award being supported well in advance of the annual meeting.
  19. Not recommend Fellow, Honorary Member, Extension Worker, Research Worker, Young Weed Scientist and Teacher Awards be given to the president, immediate Past-President, President-Elect, or the Vice-President during their term of office. These officers are eligible for Outstanding paper or Outstanding Reviewer Awards.
  20. Consult with the Director of Publications on the awarding of plaques to retiring associate journal editors who have served at least 2 ½ years.
  21. Members of the Board of Directors are eligible to serve as Chairs of parent or subcommittees.
  22. Prepare annual report summarizing the activities of the committee and all subcommittees.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Chair, Constitution and Operating Procedures, Mark Bernards (contact: ml-bernards@wiu.edu)
Committee Chair: Dwight Lingenfelter (contact: dxl18@psu.edu)

Name Sub Committee End of Term
Lingenfelter, Dwight W3 2020
Bagavathiannan, Muthu W3i 2019
Ferrel, Jay W3g 2019
Jha, Prashant W3e 2019
Madsen, John W3m 2019
Post, Angela W3j 2019
Reddy, Krishna W3a 2019
Steckel, Larry W3b 2019
Barrett, Mike W3n 2020
Bond, Jason W3f 2020
Dayan, Franck W3h 2020
Leon, Ramon W3c 2020
Jugulam, Mithila W3k 2020
Smeda, Reid W3d 2020
Ward, Sarah W31, P1 2020

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