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The Constitution and Operating Procedures Committee shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair appointed by the Board of Directors to a three-year, renewable term (WSSA Constitution-Chapter 1, Article VI, Section 2) and four other members, one appointed each year for a term of five years.
  2. Review the Constitution and Manual of Operating Procedures and develop recommendations for improvements to the Board of Directors.
  3. Chair shall be parliamentarian on behalf of the President and shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee provided that he/she is not concurrently serving as a duly elected member of that body.
  4. Receive copies of correspondence of the officers and committee chairs which relate to the Constitution and Operating Procedures.

Committee Members:

Board Liaison and Chair: Chair, Constitution and Operating Procedures, Mark Bernards (contact: ml-bernards@wiu.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Bernards, Mark  NC  2019
Peters, Tom  NC  2020
Sciumbato, Audie S  2022
Porpiglia, Peter Ex-Off

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