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The Finance Committee (F2) shall:

  1. Consist of the Treasurer as Chair, who serves for a three-year term, the past-Treasurer, who serves for a three-year term, the Executive Secretary, and eight other members, two appointed each year for a four-year term. Chairs of Sustaining Membership and next year’s Local Arrangement Committees shall serve as ex-officio members.
  2. Analyze the financial situation of the Society and develop or revise, as needed, a long-range financial plan for sound and orderly growth of the Society.
  3. Provide oversight of the finances of the Society by auditing Society transactions quarterly.  One member of the WSSA shall be appointed the Audit Chair for two years.  The Audit Chair shall match quarterly deposited checks to the appropriate quarterly statements, and confirm that all expenditures were for WSSA-related activities.  The current and past-treasurer cannot serve as the Audit Chair.
  4. Develop recommendations for the budget, financial reserves, investments, and active, associate, and sustaining membership dues.
    1. The WSSA fiscal year is December 1 to November 30. Committee reports are due December 15. The Board of Directors meets at the annual meetings in February and in the summer, typically in July.
    2. Committees will submit all requests for funds to the Finance Committee by December 15 or June 1. The Chair of the Finance Committee will circulate these to the Finance Committee for comments.
    3. The Finance Committee will meet with the Executive Secretary prior to the Board of Directors meeting at the annual meeting to review budget requests and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
    4. The Board of Directors or Executive Committee will act on the budget requests.
    5. The Finance Committee will meet after the first WSSA Board of Directors meeting with the Executive Secretary and prepare a budget for presentation at the second Board of Directors meeting. The Board of Directors will act on the budget which will be retroactive to December 1 of the preceding year.
    6. New Budget items developed in the second WSSA Board of Directors meeting each year are to be referred to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will develop recommendations on these items by correspondence and make its recommendations to the Executive Committee for action at the July meeting.
    7. Requests submitted for consideration at the summer Board of Directors Committee meeting normally will not be funded until December 1.
    8. All requests for funds should come with a budget, a complete description, and justification.
    9. Recommend policies regarding meeting registration fees and membership dues.
    10. Prepare a report of the committee’s activities and recommendations to be presented to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting and the summer board meeting.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison and Committee Chair: Treasurer, Rick Boydston (contact: rick.boydston@ars.usda.gov)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Boydston, Rick Treasurer
Prostak, Randall NE 2019
Gast, Roger NC 2019
Price, Andrew S 2018
Felix, Joel W 2020
Gustafson, Eric Ex-off, Ex. Sec.
Armel, Greg NE 2018
Vollmer, Kurt NE 2020
Clay, Sharon NC 2017
Sprague, Christy NC 2017
Porpiglia, Peter Auditor
Kai Umeda/Bill McCloskey Ex-off W2  2017
Baughman, Todd S  2018
Boddy, Frances C  2019
Burke, Ian Ex-off Past Treasurer  2017
Robles, Wilfredo Ex-off W2  2017
Huckaba, Randy Ex-off F5

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