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The Formulation, Adjuvant, and Application Technology Committee shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair appointed to a three-year term and eight other members, each appointed to a five-year term.
  2. Solicit and maintain current technical information related to application of herbicides.
  3. Encourage agricultural engineering research and education programs on herbicide application.
  4. Develop public understanding of the benefits and risks of existing and proposed technology for herbicide application.
  5. Facilitate better communication with other pest control disciplines regarding technology for herbicide application.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: NCWSS, Reid Smeda (contact:smedaR@missouri.edu)
Committee Chair: Bryan Young (contact: BryanYoung@purdue.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Young, Bryan NC 2020
Dunne, Cheryl NC 2022
Al-Khatib, Kassim W 2022
Reynolds, Dan S 2022
Bernards, Mark NC 2019
Ellis, Jeff NC 2018
Shipp, Matthew S 2018
Gannon, Travis S 2018
Jain, Rakesh S 2018
Zollinger, Richard W 2019

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