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The Herbicide Resistance Education Committee (E12b) shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair appointed to a three-year term and the chairs of the Education (W5), Extension (W11), Public Awareness (E13), and Herbicide Resistant Plants (E12) Committees, the Director of Science Policy, the EPA Subject Matter Liaison, and three other members appointed for five-year terms.  The Chair also has the discretion to recruit additional members and form temporary subcommittees to meet the objectives of the committee.  The Chair communicates the names and terms of any additional committee members to the Vice-President.
  2. Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy on herbicide resistance education for the WSSA.
  3. Develop educational materials for weed scientists, the scientific community, and all relevant stakeholders and end users regarding best management practices for preventing and mitigating herbicide resistance in plants.
  4. Disseminate materials in a variety of media, including presentations for training modules, press releases, video training modules, reports, briefing documents, and web-based materials.
  5. Monitor use of and maintain Herbicide Resistance Training Modules for self-paced accredited on-line Continuing Education Courses.
  6. Sponsor symposia, workshops, and other tools for effectively promoting herbicide resistance education.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Bryan Young (contact: bryanyoung@purdue.edu)
Committee Chair: David Shaw (contact: dshaw@research.msstate.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Shaw, David  S
Coble, Harold USDA-ARS
Gaines, Todd W
Netherland, Mike APMS
Owen, Mike  NC
Schroeder, Jill  NE
Asmus, Amy  NC
Jussaume, Raymond  NC
Byrd, John  S
Kniss, Andrew  W
Leon, Ramon  S
Madsen, John W
Tardif, Francois C
Horak, Michael NC
Viator, Blaine S
Hurley, Terry NC
Hansen, Brad Global HRAC
Barrett, Michael EPA SME
Vencill, Bill E12
Ward, Sarah W
Van Wychen, Lee DSP
Frisvold, George W
Erwin, David W

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