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The Herbicide Resistant Plants Committee (E12a) shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair appointed to a three-year term and eight other members, each appointed to a five-year term.
  2. Recommend research and education on the topic of herbicide resistance and resistance management in weeds. Provide leadership in research directions.
  3. Serve as an information resource for scientists and practitioners in the areas of confirmation, identification, and management of herbicide resistant weeds.
  4. Compile the monetary loss due to resistant weeds by state, province, region, and country
  5. Develop a list of scientists worldwide who will serve as corresponding members of this committee to aid in confirmation of the distribution of herbicide resistance.
  6. Develop and maintain a data bank of documented cases of herbicide resistance occurring worldwide.
  7. Promote action on herbicide resistance by sponsoring and encouraging symposia, workshops, and regularly published reports in appropriate journals.
  8. Establish recommendations on herbicide resistance terminology, and methods for confirmation, prevention, and management of herbicide resistant weeds.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Member-at-Large, Bryan Young (contact: bryanyoung@purdue.com)
Committee Chair: Muthu Bagavathiannan (contact: muthu@tamu.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Bagavathiannan, Muthu S 2020
Manley, Brian NE 2019
Dayan, Franck W 2020
Leon, Ramon S 2020
Sikkema, Peter C 2020
Simpson, David NC 2020

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