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Invasive Plant Science and Management (P4) Committee:
Board Liaison: Director of Publications, Sarah Ward (contact: sarahward1@earthlink.net)
Committee Chair: Toni DiTommaso (contact: ad97@cornell.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
DiTommaso, Toni NE 2018
Associate Editors
Allen, Edie W 2018
Barney, Jacob NE 2018
Cardina, John NC 2018
Enloe, Stephen S 2018
Gaskin, John NC 2017
Kriticos, Darren IWS 2018
Leary, James W 2017
Lyons, Kelly S 2018
Mangold, Jane W 2017
Randall, John W 2018
Rew, Lisa W 2017
Richardson, Rob S 2017
Seefeldt, Steve W 2017
Wersal, Ryan S 2017

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