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The Program Committee (W1) shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair who is the President-Elect, the Vice-Chair who is the Vice-President, Sectional Chairs and Chair-Elects. The Local Arrangements Chair and Executive Secretary shall serve as ex-officio members. For additional duties of the President-Elect and the Vice-President, see their respective office.
  2. Develop the program for the annual meeting of the Society within a budget of $3,000 per symposium and a total budget of $20,000.
    1. Solicit suggestions for symposia and workshops from the membership by placing a notice of request in the January Newsletter one year before the annual meeting for which the Program Committee is preparing.
    2. Contact the Section Chairs for the previous meeting to obtain their records of past sectional meeting attendance, suggestions for symposia, name of sectional Chair-Elect, and recommendations for improvement of sectional program and meeting sessions.
    3. Meet as a group during the annual conference and before the Thursday Board of Directors meeting to exchange and discuss ideas for the next year’s program and to discuss and establish the deadline for submission of volunteered titles and abstracts. Editor of Abstracts needs to be involved in these discussions.
    4. Circulate by April 10th a list of proposed Symposia or Workshops with brief outline of each to the Board of Directors for their relative rankings and approval.
    5. Notify organizers of approved Symposia or Workshops by May 15 so they can begin arrangements.
    6. Organize, within individual sections, titles and authors of volunteered papers. Abstract’s Editor shall prepare a computer listing of titles and authors for chairs. Chairs are responsible for accuracy of the list and for arranging papers to fit time frames for each section meeting.
  3. Sectional Program Chairs shall not issue invitations to potential speakers who are not members of WSSA without prior consultation with the Program Chair.
  4. Each Sectional Program Chair shall include, in the program schedule to be submitted to the Chair of the Program Committee, a short business meeting to elect a new Chair-Elect who will become Sectional Chair following the next annual meeting. At such election, an ad hoc nominating committee, appointed by the Sectional Chair at least three months previously, will present the names of two persons who consent to serve as Chair-Elect if elected; additional nominations then will be invited from the floor. Results of the election will be reported in writing to the Chair of the Program Committee prior to departure from the site of the annual meeting.

Duties of Sectional Chairs:

  1. During the WSSA meeting when they are Chair-Elect, attend Program Review meeting with Past Program Chair and Abstracts Editor.
  2. Also, during the WSSA meeting, they should attend sectional sessions and note audience size, procedures used in sessions, and note any particular problems.
  3. Visit with members at meetings to get ideas for symposia.
  4. Encourage individuals to prepare proposals for symposia.
  5. Cooperate with Program Chair in ranking symposia.
  6. For small sections (Aquatic and Wetland Weed Mgt., Turf and Ornamentals, Teaching and Extension, Equipment and Machinery) it may be necessary to recruit abstracts to ensure enough abstracts are submitted to justify a sectional session at the WSSA Meeting (minimum of 6 papers). This must be done in the summer before the submission deadline.
  7. After receiving list of papers for section from Abstracts Editor, chairs need to check list carefully to be sure all abstracts for section are listed. Immediately, reconcile any differences with Abstract Editor.
  8. Note that one person can give only one oral presentation and one poster. Each person also may give an invited symposium presentation. Make sure first name of person making presentation is given and that the person’s name is marked with an asterisk.
  9. After lists are reconciled with Abstracts Editor, arrange papers in a logical sequence. Note that each half-day session can have a maximum of 15 papers (14 if a business meeting is included). Presentations are 15 minutes long. Usually, sessions run between 8:00 and noon and 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. Include a 15-minute mid-morning or mid-afternoon break in each half-day session. If possible, schedule discussion periods at end of session. A business meeting must be schedules to elect a new chair-elect. This would be a good time to discuss topics for possible symposia for the next WSSA meeting. Select moderator for each half-day session.
  10. Prepare list of sectional papers on computer disk in established computer software program. For each session, information should be prepared in format ready for the program booklet. Send computer disk to Program Chair by early November. Deadline to be set by Program Chair.
  11. Section Chairs are responsible for selecting operators of projectors and lights for each session of their section. This takes two people for each half-day session.

Committee Members:
Chair: Scott Senseman (contact: ssensema@utk.edu)
Vice-Chair: Larry Steckel (contact: lsteckel@tennessee.edu)
Ex-off: Eric Gustafson (contact: info@wssa.net)

Section Chair (2019) Co-chair (2019)
1. Agronomic Crops Neha Rana Ryan Lins
2. Horticultural Crops Katie Jennings Matthew Cutulle
3. Turf and Ornamentals Prasanta Bhowmik Jatinder Aulakh
4. Pasture, Range, Forest, & Rights of ways Joe Omielan Glen Obear
5. Wildlands & Aquatic Invasives Chris Mudge Mark Renz
6. Regulatory Aspects Monty Dixon Cherilyn Moore
7. Teaching and Extension Jatinder Aulakh Sandeep Rana
8. Formulation, Adjuvant, & Application Technology Conner Ferguson Mayank Malik
9. Weed Biology and Ecology Vijay Singh Mohsen Mesgaran
10. Biocontrol of Weeds Min Rayamajhi Rodrigo Diaz
11. Physiology Christopher Rouse Paul Te-Ming Tseng
12. Soil and Environmental Aspects Paul Te-Ming Tseng Daljit Singh
13. Integrated Weed Management Harry Strek Vijay Singh
14. Sustaining Member Exhibits Steve Gyling Greg Dahl
15. Poster Sessions Pratap Devkota Marie-Josée Simard
16. Student Contest Marty Schraer Darrin Dodds

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