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The Public Awareness committee (E13) shall:

  1. Consists of a Chair appointed for a three (3) year term and ten (10) other members representing the WSWS, NCWW, SWSS, NEWSS, APMS and the CWSS, each appointed for a four (4) year term; additional Ex-Off members include the WSSA Science Policy Director, the WSSA Executive Secretary and the WSSA Graduate Student Organization President.  Additional members may also be appointed to this committee at the discretion of the Chair.  The E13 liaison to the Board of Directors is the WSSA President.
  2. Raise public awareness of weeds, their impact and management by enhancing media awareness and coverage.
  3. Identify and work with an outside contractor to develop a coordinated approach to increase public awareness – e.g. press releases, web content enhancements, Reporters Notebook.
  4. Build relationships with key media contacts that can write, adapt, or accept articles prepared by WSSA and place them in publications targeted to important public and trade audiences.
  5. Champion public policy positions that promote weed awareness and enhance decision-making by regulators and policy makers on issues related to national, state, and province agricultural and pesticide policy.
  6. Increase media coverage of regional/national Weed Science Society meetings and conduct press conferences on topics of high interest.
  7. Coordinate press releases with identified partners (e.g. Entomology Society of America, American Phytopathological Society, and the American Institute of Biological Sciences).
  8. Support and contribute to the WSSA website as the premier source of web-based weed information.
  9. Support the WSSA/EPA Subject Matter Expert to increase interaction of WSSA with the Environmental Protection Agency, key government agencies such as the USDA Office of Pest Management Policy, and other stakeholders involved with and/or impacted by weeds.
  10. Seek outside funding through a number of contacts including a Presidential letter to Sustaining members in order to supplement Society E13 resources.  Funding may be used to support an outside contractor to assist in developing and writing press releases and to support the WSSA WSSA/EPA Subject Matter Expert.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: President, Kevin Bradley (contact: bradleyke@missouri.edu)
Committee Chair: Carroll Moseley (contact: carroll.moseley@syngenta.com)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Moseley, Carroll NE 2017
Sprague, Christy NC 2017
Hulting, Andy W 2019
Godara, Rakesh NC 2018
Gramig, Greta NC 2017
Fletcher, Reginald S 2018
Quackenbush, Pattie NE 2017
Richardson, Jesse W 2018
Prostak, Randall NE 2017
Vickery, John W 2018
Sorribas, Monica NC 2019
Nissen, Scott W  2019
Madsen, John APMS  2018
Johnson, Eric C  2019
Van Wychen, Lee DSP Ex-off
Basinger, Nick GSO Ex-off

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