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The Publications Board (P1) shall:

  1. Consist of the Director of Publications, acting as Chairperson; five members, appointed by the President, each serving for three-year terms. Terms should be staggered such that no more than two members rotate off every year. The Publications Board shall include as ex-officio members: the Managing Editor and the chairs of WSSA publications committees.
  2. Report to the Director of Publications who, in turn, reports to the Board of Directors of WSSA. The Publications Board is responsible for the general policy concerning all materials published by the WSSA, including scientific journals, abstracts, monographs, books, electronic media, materials posted on the WWW, etc. The Publications Board has responsibility for seeking new and innovative ways to deliver weed science information to potential audiences, whether within or outside the Society; making decisions on any new publication project, traditional or electronic; insuring successful and timely implementation of projects, etc. Its role will be one of direction and leadership.
  3. Meet at least once a year, at the time of the Annual Meeting of the WSSA, concurrently with Chairs of Publications Committee and Board Coordinators.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison and Committee Chair: Director of Publications, Sarah Ward (contact: sarahward1@earthlink.net)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Ward, Sarah P1 2020
Anderson, James NC 2019
Miller, Tim Ex-Off (P22b) 2019
McElroy, Scott S 2018
Norsworthy, Jason Ex-Off (P3) 2018
Sandler, Hilary NE 2018
Vencill, William Ex-Off (P2)  2018
DiTommaso, Antonio Ex-Off (P4)  2018
Simpson, Elizabeth Ex-Off (P8)  2017
Grey, Tim Ex-Off (P22)  2017

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