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The Resolutions Committee shall:

  1. Consist of a chair appointed to a three-year term and members from each regional society and the Canadian Weed Science Society appointed to five-year terms.
  2. Prepare resolutions designated to aid in implementing the objectives of the Society.
  3. Maintain close liaison with the officers and committees to assure that matters they may wish to develop into resolutions are reviewed by the Resolutions Committee.
  4. Members wishing to develop a resolution need to seek sponsorship from the applicable WSSA Committee. This committee will evaluate the scope and nature of the proposed resolution as to the pertinence and best interest of WSSA. The sponsoring committee shall submit to the Resolutions Committee a summary with the proposed resolution addressing the risks and benefits to WSSA. Proposed resolutions shall also include a list of addressed that should receive it. The Resolutions Committee will submit the proposed resolution, a risk-benefit summary, and a list of  addresses to the board of Directors for action. Action on the resolution by the Board requires a two-thirds majority vote. If less than a two-thirds majority vote for or against, the resolution is obtained, it will be sent to the membership for a mail vote.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Past President, Dallas Peterson (contact: dpeterso@ksu.edu)
Committee Chair: Anita Dille (contact: dieleman@ksu.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Dille, Anita NC 2018
Ferrell, Jay S 2018
Nurse, Robert C 2017
Shinn, Sandra NE 2016
Stougaard, R.M. W 2016

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