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The Science Policy Committee (E2) shall:

  1. Consist of the President-elect, President, and Past President of WSSA and a member appointed by each of the contributing regional weed science societies (preferably their Legislative and Regulatory Committee Chairs and President as backup). The members from regional societies should serve two-year terms, staggered, so that two regional society members rotate off every year. The regional societies may name alternates who will serve in the absence of their regular member of the committee. The Chair of the Legislative and Regulatory Committee will serve as Chair of the Washington Liaison Committee. The Chair of the WSSA. Resolutions Committee shall serve as an ad hoc member. The Aquatic Plant Management Society President will be allowed to call the Director of Science Policy at any time. Budget for this committee is $5,000.
  2. Be the primary means of communication between the Washington liaison and WSSA and the regional weed societies.
  3. Be the means by which WSSA and regional science societies interact with their Washington D.C. liaison. Their function will be to communicate to the Washington Liaison needs and tasks desired by the contributing societies and to respond to the liaison’s requests for information and materials needed to accomplish those tasks. To do this, the committee will:
        1. take part in quarterly and other conference calls with the Washington liaison;
        2. provide and continually update a rapid response list of contacts (phone tree) for the Washington liaison;
        3. provide position papers, resolutions, reports, videotapes, expertise, and other materials to the Washington  liaison;
        4. inform the Washington liaison of the needs of WSSA in a timely fashion;
        5. rapidly respond to requests from the Washington liaison for information and personnel; and
        6. provide and update quarterly a plan of work for the  Science Policy Committee.
        7. Yearly review the accomplishments and performance of the Washington liaison and make recommendations accordingly. This review should be done at the Board Meeting during the annual meeting of WSSA.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Past-President, Janis McFarland (contact: janis.mcfarland@syngenta.com)
Committee Chair: Donn Shilling (contact: dgs@uga.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Shilling, Donn S 2019
VanWychen, Lee EDSP  
Senseman, Scott President 2020
Steckel, Larry Pres-Elect 2021
Curran, William VP 2022
McFarland, Janis Past-Pres 2019
Kruger, Greg EPA Lia Ex-off
Peterson, Dallas CAST Ex-off
Kells, Jim Ex-off NIFA Fellow
Shaw, David E12b Chair  
Barrett, Mike SPC at large  
Coble, Harold SPC at large  
Schroeder, Jill SPC at large  
Nichols, Bob SPC at large  
Cotie, Arlene SPC at large  
Aguillard, Craig A 2019
Richardson, Rob A  
Sprague, Christy NC 2019
Elmore, Greg NC  
Moseley, Carroll NE 2019
Chandran, Rakesh NE  
Scott, Bob S 2019
Post, Angela S  
Kniss, Andrew W  
Valenti, Steve W  

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