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The Sustainable Agriculture Committee shall:

  1. Consist of two (2) co-chairs with one from industry and one from academy; and twelve (12) regular members, including representation from the regional weed science societies. Co-chairs and members will be appointed to three-year terms.
  2. Organize appropriate symposia for the national meeting.
  3. Partner with other scientific societies or organizations to present symposia on weed management.
  4. Develop core materials (slides, video, etc.) for presentation of WSSA concerns and relationships to principles of sustainable development.
  5. Develop an article describing WSSA relationship to sustainability for distribution to organizations, media, etc.
  6. Develop a list of possible outreach opportunities for weed scientists or WSSA to interact with sustainability issues.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Member-at-Large, Dan Kunkel (contact: kunkel@aesop.rutgers.edu)
Committee Chairs: Steven Mirsky (contact: steven.mirsky@ars.usda.gov), Andrew Skibo (contact: andrew.skibo@sepro.com)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Mirsky, Steven (co) NE 2016
Skibo, Andrew (co) NE 2017
Price, Andrew S 2017
Colosi, Joe NE 2018
Burrell, Millie S 2018
Jennings, Katie S 2018
Dotray, Peter S 2016
Haramoto, Erin NC 2018
Singh, Daljit S 2018
Nichols, Steve S 2018
Rana, Neha NC 2018
Shrestha, Anil S 2018
Wilen, Cheryl W 2017
Rafeal, Pedroso W 2018

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