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The Website Committee (E14) shall:

  1. Consist of a Chair appointed to a three-year term and eight other members, each appointed to a five-year term.  Members are to be selected from industry, academia, and governmental weed science programs.  Ideally there will be a member from each regional weed science society plus APMS and CWSS.  The technical webmaster and the website editor will report to the Website committee.  Requests for additions or changes to the WSSA website and all comments on the website should be sent to the Website Committee.  The Website Committee will then assign needed tasks to the technical webmaster and website editor.  The technical webmaster and website editor will prepare brief quarterly reports to the Website Committee on the work accomplished.
  2. The Website Committee will prepare a yearly evaluation of the technical webmaster and website editor plus a summary of improvements to the WSSA website and present that report to the WSSA board in December of each year.
  3. The Website Committee will periodically review the information and links on the website, correcting any errors and making any needed changes to keep the information current.
  4. The website committee will work with other WSSA committees, such as the Education, Weed Biology and Extension Committees, in developing new information for the WSSA website.
  5. Keep weed scientists informed of advances in computer technology and software applicable to their research, teaching, extension, and regulatory needs by posting such information to the WSSA website.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Director of Publications, Sarah Ward (sarah.ward@colostate.edu)
Committee Chair: Sarah Ward

Name Affiliation End of Term
Ward, Sarah W 2019
Westwood, James NE 2019
Bagavathiannan, Muthu Ex-off (Content Mgr.)  
Moseley, Carroll Ex-off E13 Chair
Krueger, David Ex-off Website Contract
Gustafson, Eric Ex-off Ex-Sec
Van Wychen, Lee Ex-off EDSP

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