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The Weed Technology Editorial Committee (P3) shall:

  1. Consist of the Editor of Weed Technology as Chair, and the Associate Editors. The Editor-in-Chief and Executive Secretary shall be ex-officio members.
  2. Establish and implement manuscript processing procedures as needed to maintain a viable journal of continuing excellence. This includes procedures to maintain technical and editorial correctness of published papers; to insure prompt handling of manuscripts, and to keep the journal current with changing technology.
  3. Use the following general procedures:
    1. Reviewers will report to the assigned Associate Editor on the suitability of the papers for publication in Weed Technology.
    2. Associate Editors of Weed Technology will review papers when received from reviewers, and send them to the authors with suggestions and recommendations.
    3. After papers are returned by authors to the assigned Associate Editor, they will be forwarded with recommendations to the Editor of Weed Technology for final disposition.

Committee Members:
Board Liaison: Director of Publications, Sarah Ward (contact: sarahward1@earthlink.net)
Committee Chair: Jason Norsworthy (contact: jnorswor@uark.edu)

Name Affiliation End of Term
Norsworthy, Jason S
Associate Editors
Anderson, Randy NC
Bond, Jason S
Bradley, Kevin NC
Brecke, Barry S
Brosnan, James S
Burke, Ian W
Derr, Jeff NE
Fennimore, Steve W
Ferrell, Jason S
Hager, Aaron NC
Hanson, Brad W
Jha, Prashant W
Johnson, William NC
Johnson, W. Carroll S
Kniss, Andrew W
McElroy, Scott S
Nurse, Robert C
Robinson, Darren C
Simmons, Bill NC
Stephenson, Daniel S
Steckel, Larry S
Van Gessel, Mark NE
Webster, Eric S
Gustafson, Eric Ex-Off (Ex. Sec.)

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