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Postdoc – herbicide resistance with University of California – Davis in Davis, CA

Type of position Two-year appointment with the possibility of renewal
Employer University of California – Davis
Description of Employer Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Location Davis, CA
Salary prevailing postdoc salary scale
Benefits Salary will be commensurate with qualifications, experience, and prevailing salary scale and includes a full benefits package, with medical, dental, vision, short term disability and life insurance.
Closing date of competition March 1, 2014
Date position available Spring 2014, flexible
Description of duties JOB DESCRIPTION:
The successful candidate will have research and extension responsibilities related evaluating the mechanisms of glyphosate resistance in junglerice (Echinochloa colona) and the risk of pollen-mediated gene flow of glyphosate resistance from junglerice to barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) or other related species. The research is part of an integrated research and extension project that focuses on developing and communicating economical and environmentally sound strategies for managing glyphosate-resistant weeds and preventing their further evolution and spread in orchards, vineyards, and other specialty crop production systems.

Although the candidate will participate in all aspects of this collaborative research including: experimental design and setup, data analysis and reporting, and project evaluation, he/she will take the lead on components related to gene flow, outcrossing, and elucidating resistance mechanisms.

Qualifications sought
  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree and experience in herbicide resistance research using a molecular genetics approaches to address target-site and non-target-site based resistance.
  • Experience in the use of molecular markers for the analysis of the genetic structure of weed populations in the field and elucidating the relative contributions of gene-flow or independent evolutionary towards the current patterns of resistance spread in the landscape is highly desirable.
  • A demonstrated ability to effectively bridge between basic research, applied research, and technology transfer efforts and to collaborate as part of a research team investigating agricultural weeds or invasive plants is preferred.
Contact for additional
Dr. Albert Fischer (ajfischer@ucdavis.edu; 530-752-7386)
or Dr. Brad Hanson (bhanson@ucdavis.edu; 530-752-8115)
Application procedure
Submit what
All candidates must apply via email by sending the following attachments:

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Curriculum vitae including a list of refereed publications
  3. Statement of qualifications and research experience
  4. Contact information for three references, including professional and email addresses and phone numbers
Submit to
Dr. Brad Hanson
Department of Plant Sciences, MS 4
University of California
Davis, CA 95618
E-mail: bhanson@ucdavis.edu
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