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Weed Science Career Information


What is weed science

Weed science is the study of weeds, how they grow, and their impact on natural and managed ecosystems.

Why should I consider a career in weed science?

Weeds impact the world around us and our daily lives. They reduce crop yields, choke waterways, trigger allergies, disrupt natural habitats, fuel fires, and overrun flower beds, lawns, and gardens.

“Weeds are everywhere from the backyard garden to the national park and impact everyone from the home-owner to the land manager to the plant breeder. Because of the way weeds touch all places and people, the approach in how to deal with them is endless, if we remember their definition, which is a plant whose virtues have yet to be identified, some good and some bad. What could be more exciting than to be in a field of science with so many different possibilities and directions to pursue?”- Steve Young, USDA-ARS

“What’s needed now are new young scientists that can connect A.I with agronomy, plant genetics and our deepening understanding of plant ecology, biochemistry and physiology to create a world that we are proud to live in.”- John Jachetta, former Regulatory lead for Dow AgroSciences

How can I become a weed scientist?

To prepare for a career in weed science, you need a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, ecology, horticulture, plant physiology, soil science, or a related field.

For a research position in academia or industry, an advanced degree is typically a prerequisite.

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