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2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 annual meeting of the Weed Science Society of America will be held February 11-14 at Sheraton New Orleans, New Orleans, LA. For specific questions about the 2019 meeting, please e-mail eric@imigroup.org.

Important Deadlines:

  • Presentation slides upload: Feb 1, 2019
  • Abstract text due: Jan 28, 2019
  • Hotel reservation at group rate: Jan 12, 2019 (subject to availability)
  • Abstract title/author information deadline: Nov 26, 2018
  • Symposia proposals due: June 15, 2018 

Meeting Documents:

Additional Information:


Abstract/Title/Presentation Submission Details:

Volunteer papers, posters, and symposium papers all require abstracts to be submitted electronically. To submit a title/abstract/presentation, please visit the WSSA Abstract Submission System.

Note: The program will be printed exactly as submitted, other than format and font changes for uniformity; therefore, proofread your submission very carefully. Primary contact authors will receive an email indicating their abstract was received and a later email confirming the section/day/time when and where the paper will be presented. There is no specific word limit for the abstract text. More specific instructions on preparation of an abstract can be found in the ‘WSSA call for papers’ document.

If you are a first time submitter: The first thing you will need to do is create an account.  Once you have created an account, you will be sent an email confirmation.  The email will give you directions on setting up your password. Then you can log-in with your User Name (Email address) and Password.  Some of the regional weed science meetings are using this system as well so to submit into the WSSA meeting you will need to “Join” the  WSSA 2019 Annual Meeting.

If you are a returning submitter: If you have already used this system, for either a previous year’s annual meeting or one of the regional meetings using this system, your information has been retained and you can log-in as usual and proceed directly to submitting your abstract title/author information/text.  Just be sure you have “joined” the  WSSA 2019 Annual Meeting and are submitting into the 2019 meeting. In submitting author information, if your authors are already in the system, you will be able to select them from a drop down selection box.  If they are not already in the system, you can “add an author” as you are submitting your title/author information.

Choosing a section: You will first need to indicate whether this is a poster or an oral presentation. Then there are the traditional WSSA oral/poster presentation sections, symposia, and the student contests.  If you are not a student or if you are a student who is not participating in a contest, then you will select poster or oral and your top three choices for a section in which your title is to be placed and presented.


Information for Student Abstract Submission:

WSSA student members may submit into the appropriate PhD or MS poster contest or a PhD or MS oral contest. If you are student and you want to participate in the contest, click “yes” for student, click “yes” for contest; and then click the appropriate section: MS Poster, PhD Poster, MS Oral, and PhD Oral.  Students can only participate in either an oral contest or a poster contest. Do not submit into the other substantive titled sections unless you are not participating in the student contest. Abstracts for contest presentations must be submitted electronically by January 28, 2019.


Student Contest Information:

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