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2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 annual meeting of the Weed Science Society of America will be held virtually during February 15-19. For specific questions about the 2021 meeting, please e-mail eric@imigroup.org.

Important deadlines:

  • Titles/authors due Nov 9, 2020
  • Abstract text due January 31, 2021
  • Presentations due: February 5, 2021

Student contest rules and evaluation forms: (New)

Guidance for presentation recording (New)

2021 Meeting documents:

Meeting schedules:

Volunteer oral papers will be presented within a 15-minute timeslot. In the virtual format, we are planning for all oral presentations to be pre-recorded (12 minutes in length) and uploaded to our virtual meeting site with live Q&A opportunities with presenter following playback of the recording (3 minutes). Concurrent sessions dictate that the time schedule will need to be strictly followed. Oral paper presentations should report results of completed research or other substantive information. Information should not have been presented at a previous WSSA national meeting. Ideally, research reported at the WSSA Annual Meeting should be publishable in Invasive Plant Science and Management, Weed Science, Weed Technology, or a similar scientific journal. Please select your top three choices of sections where you wish to present your paper or poster. Thematic groupings will be created for the virtual meeting schedule, so your paper may be in a different section for the meeting.

Submission of abstract: 

Volunteer oral papers, posters, and symposium oral papers all require abstracts to be submitted electronically. To submit abstract titles/authors and abstract texts electronically, go to the WSSA Abstract Submission website (http://weedscimeetingabstracts.com). 

The Title/Abstract Submission Page will be accessible beginning October 14, 2021. Additional instructions will be provided on the Title/Abstract Submission Page in the link above.

The Program text will be printed exactly as submitted, other than format and font changes for uniformity; therefore, proofread your submission very carefully. Primary contact authors will receive an email indicating their abstract was received and a later email confirming the section/day/time when and how the paper will be presented.

For information about abstract preparation guidelines, please visit Call for Papers.

Student contest information:
A. Eligibility
1. Any student who is a WSSA member and has registered to attend the current annual meeting is eligible to compete in either the poster (MS or PhD sections) or oral 3MT contest (MS or PhD sections). In the virtual format, posters will be uploaded with no audio component, while chat features will allow for questions with the presenter. Oral 3MT presentations will be pre-recorded, uploaded to the virtual meeting site, and available for judging and viewing.
2. In 2021, the WSSA will host a Three-Minute Thesis Research Communication Competition (3MT™ ) as developed by the University of Queensland, Australia (https://threeminutethesis.uq.edu.au/). This format provides students with the opportunity to profile their research and enhance communication skills. A separate document will be available describing this activity in more detail including how students will be judged and the rules for the competition.
3. A student can only participate in the oral 3MT contest or in the poster contest during the same annual meeting, not both. Students are eligible for participation in the Student Poster Contest and in the Three-Minute Thesis Competition multiple times during a M.S. program and a Ph.D. program.
4. A student can only win 1st place in the poster or oral 3MT contest once per degree program. Once a student places 1st in a given contest (i.e. oral, 3MT, or poster presentation), they are no longer eligible to compete in said contest during the course of their current degree program. A student may win 1st place in the poster presentation contest and 1st place in the 3MT contest while in a M.S. or Ph.D. program; however, a student may not enter both contests at the same annual meeting. A student may win 1st place in the poster or 3MT contest in the M.S. degree program and then compete and win 1st place for an oral or poster presentation while in a Ph.D. degree program.

B. Rules and eligibility
1. Notice of the student contests were included with the Call for Papers.
2. A contestant may enter the poster or oral 3MT contest multiple years per degree program. Persons who have graduated from a degree program (M.S. or Ph.D.) and are actively pursuing an additional degree may only enter the contest for the previous degree program during the first annual meeting following graduation.
3. Contestants will indicate in the title submission that they wish to enter either the poster or oral 3MT contest. Title and contest declaration must be turned in by the deadline that title submissions are due (November 9, 2020). If a contestant does not turn in a title and contest declaration by the time that title submissions are due, they will be ineligible for the contest unless the Student Program Chairperson declares the student eligible based on student’s situation. ABSTRACTS FOR CONTEST PRESENTATIONS must be submitted electronically by January 31, 2021. This allows time for the committee to prepare copies or e-mail abstracts to the appropriate judges prior to the contest.

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