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2016 student contest awards

Award Name Affiliation
MS poster section 1
First Morgan Carlson Texas A&M University
Second Matheus Palhano University of Arkansas
Third Samuel McGowan NC State
MS poster section 2
First Curtis Hildenbrand Colorado State University
Second Nicholas Steppig University of Arkansas
Third Steven Martin University of Arkansas
MS poster section 3
First Jamie Farmer University of Missouri
Second Jeremy Green University of Arkansas
Third Joey Heneghan Purdue University
MS poster section 4
First Mark McCown University of Missouri
Second John Buol University of Arkansas
Third Gordon Jones Purdue University
PhD poster section 1
First Derek Sebastian Colorado State University
Second John Brewer Virginia Tech
Third David Russell Mississippi State University
PhD poster section 2
First Chris Meyer University of Arkansas
Second Lucas Franca Mississippi State University
Third Rachel Atwell NC State University
PhD poster section 3
First Maxwell Oliveira University of Nebraska
Second Michael Miller University of Arkansas
Third Reiofeli Salas University of Arkansas
PhD poster section 4
First Christopher Rouse University of Arkansas
Second Neeta Soni Colorado State University
Third Douglas Spaunhorst Purdue University

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