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2018 Student Contest Winners

Award Name Affiliation
MS oral section 1
First  Margaret McCollough University of Maine
Second  Shea Farrell University of Missouri
Third  Derek Whalen University of Missouri
MS oral Section 2
First  Michael Probst Michigan State University
Second  Brian Dintelmann University of Missouri
Third  Garrison Gundy Kansas State University
MS poster section
First Scott Bales Michigan State University
Second Eric Oseland University of Missouri
PhD oral section 1
First Oliver Carter University of Georgia
Second  Neeta Soni Colorado State University
Third  Elizabeth Mosqueda University of Wyoming
PhD oral section 2
First  John Buol Mississippi State UNiversity
Second Cara McCauley Purdue University
Third Chris Meyer University of Arkansas
PhD oral section 3
First Marshall Hay Kansas State University
Second Michael Plumblee Mississippi State University
Third Aaron Brooker Michigan State University
PhD oral section 4
First Niels Jorgensen University of Wisconsin-Madison
Second Anita Kupper Colorado State University
Third Ethann Barnes University of Nebraska
PhD poster section 1
First Zachary Carpenter Mississippi State University
Second Marlon Bastiani University of Arkansas
PhD poster section 2
First J Copeland University of Tennessee
Second Ramawatar Yadav Montana State University

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