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Educational Resources

  • MONTANA STATE ONLINE COURSE ON HERBICIDE PHYSIOLOGY (PSPP 546). This online course is offered during the fall term (Aug. 29 – Dec. 16). For more details, contact Ms. Lisa Brown at lisa.brown@montana.edu
  • PRINCIPLES OF WEED CONTROL (4th EDITION)  – Edited by Drs. Steven Fennimore and Carl Bell and published by the California Weed Science Society, this weed management book has a focus on California’s unique mix of crops, but with relevance to other areas as well. The book provides the basics of weed management in agronomic crops as well as tree and vine crops, vegetable crops and turf and landscape. Featured also are aquatic weed management, forestry and range management as well as industrial areas. The book provides the basics of weed biology, weed ecology, chemical and non-chemical weed management. Available for sale through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others.
  • WSSA FACTSHEETS – this section archives the factsheets published by WSSA on different topics pertaining to weeds and weed management.
  • ANTIQUE LITERATURE ON WEEDS – this page compiles some of the earliest weed science literature available in digital format, thanks to Dr. John Byrd Jr., Mississippi State University for his efforts in collecting this invaluable resource.
  • INVASIVE SPECIES AND GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE edited by Lewis Ziska, USDA-ARS, USA and Jeffery Dukes, Purdue University, USA will be published by CABI in August. Taking a global perspective, this book examines what will happen to invasive species, including plants, animals and pathogens, with current and expected man-made climate change. Invasive Species and Global Climate Change shows how climatic change is likely to act synergistically with invasive species biology and highlights the consequences for native and managed ecosystems around the world. You can order the book at a 20% discount by entering the code CCISGCC20 at the online checkout  http://www.cabi.org/bookshop/book/9781780641645
  • MONTANA NOXIOUS WEEDS EDUCATION PROJECT A noxious weed curriculum was recently developed to be implemented into Montana’s schools. This website provides all of the tools for educators to teach the lesson plans included in the curriculum. This project was produced in collaboration with the Montana Agriculture in the Classroom program through the Montana Department Agriculture.
    by B.D. Booth, University of Guelph, Canada, S. D. Murphy, University of Waterloo, Canada and C. J. Swanton, University of Guelph, Canada. This textbook introduces ecological principles to students interested in weed science and weed management.
    The newly revised and updated classic reference, Ecology of Weeds and Invasive Plants: Relationship to Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, 3rd Edition, by
    S.R. Radosevich, J.S. Holt, and C.M. Ghersa, is available for purchase from John Wiley.
    An online graduate course offered through the Department of Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology, Montana State University. For more details about the course, contact the course moderator Dr. William Dyer (wdyer@montana.edu).   See MSU’s website for additional details and schedule.

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