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  • Pigweed is the ‘satan’ of resistant weeds

    There are many herbicide-resistant weeds — and then there is Palmer amaranth pigweed. As weed scientist Aaron Hager says, “Palmer is best described as Satan.” Able to spurt 8 inches upward in two weeks, the shock and awe of pigweed drains billions of dollars from U.S. farm profits each year. more »

  • Researchers Use Pigs to Root Out Problem Weeds

    Back before chemical pesticides and herbicides, farmers had to come up with ways to kill the weeds that took over their fields. One method used “back in the day” was letting pigs loose in fields that were not being used for crops for a season and allowing the pigs to do what they do naturally: dig up the roots of weeds and fertilize the land. more »

  • Herbicides Not Always to Blame for Crop Damage

    More often than not, my troubleshooting calls begin with the phrase, “Something is wrong with my crop. I think I have some type of herbicide damage!” All herbicides have the potential more »

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