Weeds in the News
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  • Conservation Tillage Systems Threatened by Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

    Southeastern growers know all too well the path of destruction left by glyphosate-resistant weeds. Now this scourge of farmers everywhere is threatening the advancement of conservation tillage. more »

  • Invasive Plants Taking Over the U.S.

    Invasive plants are conquering the United States. The first comprehensive assessment for the continental United States has found that nonnative plants are more widely distributed than native plants are. And humans are largely to blame. more »

  • Crops Can Do Their Own Weed Control

    Weeds would have a tough time competing against crops such as corn, grains and beans if farmers were to alter their sowing patterns, experts say. “Our results demonstrate that weed control in fields is aided by abandoning traditional seed sowing … more »

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