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  • Multiple Factors Creating Weed Problems

    A combination of weather, changing tillage practices and herbicide resistance is creating trouble for farmers across the Southwest this summer. From South Texas, into the Texas High Plains and all the way into Kansas, weeds are proving difficult to manage. more »

  • Herbicide-Resistant Kochia a Threat to No-Till Farming

    Known by the name tumbleweed, it’s been romanticized in story and song. And when it’s called summer-cypress, it sounds downright exotic. No matter what you call it, the weed kochia cuts into crop yields and farmers’ profits. And it’s become harder to control. more »

  • A Growing Problem

    Without careful stewardship, genetically engineered crops will do little to stop the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds. more »

  • Palmer Amaranth Threatens Midwest Farm Economy, Researchers Report

    An invasive weed that has put some southern cotton farmers out of business is now finding its way across the Midwest -and many corn and soybean growers don’t yet appreciate the threat, researchers report. Palmer amaranth germinates throughout much of the growing season more »

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