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List of Herbicides

Information for Submitting New Herbicide Site of Action/Classification

Chemical Structures

Click here to download a zipped file (880KB) with all structures in wmf format.

These structures have been provided by Bill Ahrens. They may be used for educational uses. If you would like a structure that is not listed, please contact Bill at [email protected].

Additional Resources

Photography of Herbicide Effects on Plants

These time-lapse photography videos show the effects of various herbicides on plants. The videos were originally prepared by Larry Burrill and Jerry Hill at Oregon State University and were further modified for digital format and made available for public use by D. R. Pike.

This information is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the express permission of Oregon State University. For full video and information contact Oregon State University.

The movies are in AVI format, and will require a video player, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player, or similar.