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The following books are available in the bookstore for online purchase. To order a specific book, complete the order form here.

Digital Copy of the Herbicide Handbook
The 10th edition of the Herbicide Handbook is available to purchase as a digital download. Purchase a digital copy here. 

Anderson’s Guide
This book is a valuable reference for students, researchers, and educators interested in growing weeds or other plants.
Price: $50
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Invasive Plants of Range & Wildland and Their Environmental, Economic, and Societal Impacts
The book has individual chapters that document several aspects of sixteen invasive species.
Price: $20
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WSSA Origin and Evolution
This book vividly captures the origin and evolution of the Weed Science Society of America. 
Price: $15
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Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West
It is a valuable reference and field manual for anybody interested in learning more about identification of important weeds of aquatic and riparian systems.
Price: $45
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Weed Bingo
Weed Bingo game for 2-6 players.
Price: $13.97
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Weeds of California and Other Western States
This book is an excellent source of information on the identification and characteristics of weeds of California and several other Western states.
Price: $85
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Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds
This award winning DVD-ROM includes 690 weed species with descriptions and maps.
Price: $55
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The Western Society of Weed Science 1938-2021
This past year the Western Society of Weed Science ad hoc History committee (Vanelle Peterson, Phil Banks,  Rod Lym, and Don Morishita) worked hard to update the history of WSWS.  We scanned Arnold’s original history book into an electronic format and added another 190 pages of updated information on the history of the society.         Download Here

Herbicide Company “Genealogy”
The history of the major U.S. herbicide companies

Compiled by Dr. Arnold Appleby, Emeritus
Oregon State University

Download Here

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