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Greg Dahl

| Winfield United


Hilary Sandler

| UMass Cranberry Station


Ian Burke

| Washington State University

Past President

Carroll Moseley

| Syngenta

Chair, Constitution and Operating Procedures

John Lindquist

| University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Kelley Backscheider

| Corteva


Lauren Lazaro

| Blue River Technology

Co-Director of Publications

Chris Willenborg

| U. of Saskatchewan

Co-Director of Publications

Sarah Ward

| Montana State University

EPA Liaison

Mark VanGessel

| University of Delaware


James Kells

| Michigan State University

CAST Representative

Jill Schroeder

| New Mexico State University


Michael Flessner

| Virginia Tech University


Christy Sprague

| Michigan State University

Graduate Student Representative

Isabel Werle

| University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Executive Director of Science Policy

Lee Van Wychen

APMS Representative

Andrew Howell

| North Carolina State University

CWSS Representative

Darren Robinson

| University of Guelph

NCWSS Representative

Erin Burns

| Michigan Sate University

NEWSS Representative

Steve Pyle

| Syngenta

SWSS Representative

Peter Dotray

| Texas A&M University

WSWS Representative

Alan Helm

| Gowan

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Greg is a Senior Research Manager in Product Development for WinField United, a Land O’Lakes, Inc. Company. Greg has coordinated and conducted thousands of experiments for adjuvants, herbicides, and other products since 2000.

His research led to the introduction of more than 60 new or improved products. He has been awarded several patents for inventions for pesticide application technology, research equipment, methods, and new products.

Prior to his current position, Greg was Pesticide Coordinator for the North Dakota State University Extension Service, conducting the Pesticide Applicator Training and Certification program for North Dakota. He was also a Technical Service Representative for American Cyanamid Company, where he conducted research to register several pesticides.

Greg Dahl has been an active member of the Weed Science Society of America since 1983. He has served on WSSA committees including the Science Policy, Public Awareness, Sustaining Membership, Finance, Professional Development and Membership, Sustaining Membership, Formulation, Adjuvant and Application Technology, Environmental Aspects of Weed Management and Weed Loss committees. He is currently serving as Chair of the Sustaining Membership Committee. He has authored or co-authored dozens of presentations and has moderated or co-moderated three WSSA symposia.

Greg has been involved in the North Central Weed Science Society and Western Society of Weed Science. He made many presentations, served on many committees, NCWSS Student Weed Contests and outreach activities. Greg received the NCWSS Fellow Award in 2019 the NCWSS Distinguished Achievement Industry Award in 2011 and served as NCWSS President from December 2016 to December 2017. He is currently serving as CAST Representative for the Western Society of Weed Science.

Greg is a member of other organizations including the Southern Weed Science Society, Canadian Weed Science Society, the American Society of Agronomy and the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. He has been an ASA Certified Crop Advisor since 1998.

Greg earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy and a Master of Science degree in Agronomy (Weed Science) from North Dakota State University in 1980 and 1984, respectively.

Greg lives in Eagan, Minnesota, with his wife, Sheila. They have three grown children

Dr. Sandler is an Extension Professor in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Director of the UMass Cranberry Station in East Wareham, MA. She provides leadership for the development, coordination and delivery of activities related to the adoption and implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) for specialty crops in Massachusetts. Dr. Sandler began her science career working in citrus pathology at IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred, FL. Currently, she addresses the Weed Science needs for cranberry and small fruit growers in the U.S. and Canada. Her research interests include an ecosystem approach to the management of perennial weeds and dodder, agrivoltaics (dual-use solar energy) and the use of
unmanned aerial vehicles for pest monitoring and herbicide applications. In her role in Extension, Dr. Sandler translated and edited a 300-page identification guide for weeds in cranberry and led a resistance management education team whose learning module won an award from the National Association of County Ag Agents.

Service to discipline has always been a mainstay of Dr. Sandler’s career. She served as Secretary for WSSA (2016-2018). She has been an Associate Editor for Weed Science since 2009, chaired the WSSA Graduate Student Awards Committee, and served on the WSSA Science Policy, Publications Board, Officer and Outstanding Graduate Student Nomination, Website Development, and Strategic Plan Committees.

Dr. Sandler’s commitment to service to the Northeastern Weed Science Society was recognized when she received the NEWSS Fellow Award in 2017. She was an elected officer for NEWSS (2008-2012), served as the NEWSS representative for CAST, and remains active as co-chair of the Endowment Committee and serves on various judging panels. One of her favorite activities is volunteering at the summer weeds contest. She recently chaired the NEWSS Futures Committee, which reviewed the organization’s structure and authored a suite of recommendations for the Board.

Dr. Sandler received NEWSS Outstanding Educator of the Year Award in 2019, an award seldom presented to Extension weed scientists.

Dr. Sandler has been IPM Coordinator for Massachusetts since 2013, chaired the regional group and represented Northeastern IPM Coordinators at the national level. She has also served on the grant review panel for the Western IPM Center for the past 3 years and served on the advisory panel for the Northeastern IPM Center.

Dr. Sandler received her Ph.D in Plant and Soil Sciences from UMass-Amherst in 2004, her M.S. in Plant Pathology from University of Delaware in 1983 and her B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science from
University of Pennsylvania in 1981. For relaxation, she enjoys walking and napping with her two retired greyhound racers. Dr. Sandler is excited to be nominated and to have an opportunity to continue her Weed Science service as WSSA Vice-President and beyond.

Carroll Moseley grew up in Lawrenceville, Virginia working on diversified farms including tobacco, dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs, corn, soybeans, peanuts, and cotton. Because of his interest in farming and influence from an Extension Agent in an adjacent county, he decided to pursue a career in agriculture. Carroll attended Virginia Tech, graduating with a double major in Agronomy and Animal Science in 1981. He worked as a Virginia Extension Agent, where he loved working with growers and 4-H members. After 5 years, he went back to Virginia Tech as a PhD student in Weed Science. Carroll received his doctorate and moved to Ohio to work for Syngenta as a Field Research Rep in 1990. In 1995, he moved to Syngenta’s headquarters
in Greensboro, NC.

For the past 31 years he has worked in various positions related to R&D, marketing, post patent, business development, industry relations, and regulatory functions. He managed the Callisto Plant Technology®
brands before serving as Industry Relations Lead to Corn and Soybean groups. As Sr. Environmental Stewardship and Policy Mgr, he was instrumental in developing conservation, resistance management, pesticide safety education, and stewardship policies across the Syngenta portfolio. As Head of State Regulatory, he works with a team that is responsible for all state and territory registrations for Syngenta.

He currently serves on the CAST Board of Representatives, and the North Carolina A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Advisory Board. He is a CropLife America AgVocate, Past President of the Northeastern Weed Science Society and is Chairman of the Weed Science Society of America Public Awareness Committee.

Carroll, and his spouse, Robin, have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He enjoys cycling, swimming, golfing, and hanging out on his farm with his grandkids!