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Promoting Research, Education, and Awareness of Weeds in Managed and Natural Ecosystems

Weeds and invasive plants impact the world around us and our daily lives. They can reduce crop yields, choke waterways, trigger allergies, disrupt the natural habitats of plants and animals, create fire and safety hazards, and reduce aesthetic and property values. These are just a few of the environmental impacts caused by weeds.

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2024 Annual Meeting

Monday Jan 22, 2024 to
Thursday Jan 25, 2024


Seed biology findings from a newly published Weed Science Society of America research article could improve integrated weed management
Posted on February 20,

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In light of the February 6, 2024, ruling by the U.S.

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A Weed Science Society of America research summary Identifies Most Likely High-impact, Range-shifting Invasive Plants coming to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

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