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The WSSA publishes three peer-reviewed journals. For more information about the journals, check the links below. If you are a WSSA member, please login below to access the journals through the WSSA member portal.

Invasive Plant Science and Management focuses on fundamental and applied research on invasive plant biology, ecology, management, and the restoration of invaded non-crop areas.

Weed Science publishes peer-reviewed articles focused on fundamental research directly related to all aspects of weed science in agricultural systems.

Weed Technology publishes original research in the form of peer-reviewed articles focused on weed management.

Do you know that you can publish in WSSA journals for free?

That’s right, open access articles can be published without page charges if your institution has signed a “Read and Publish” agreement with Cambridge University Press. A read and publish agreement removes author page charges from the shoulders of the author and places them on the institution. Cambridge has signed many such agreements with universities and research institutions across the world. To find out how you can get your manuscript published for free in a WSSA journal, contact your librarian to see if your institution has signed a read and publish agreement with Cambridge. This is just one more reason to submit your manuscript to a WSSA journal!

To determine if your institution has a Read and Publish agreement with Cambridge University Press, please click on the following link:

Instructions for contributors: