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7 Lessons Learned From the ‘Glyphosate Era’ We Must Remember

Back in 1993, while working as a weed science research technician and attending graduate school at Texas A&M University, I was standing in a field of ‘Coker 312’ cotton treated with a postemergence application of glyphosate.  This was probably one of the first university trials with this new technology.

The weed control was great but that early cotton variety was a dud.  I vividly remember that my first reaction was that this new technology was going nowhere fast.  Boy was I completely wrong!  Since that time, it’s no secret that the planting of glyphosate-resistant, or GR, and other biotech crops exploded in the U.S.

Now as we sit on the edge of another potential explosion with auxin-resistant, or AR, crops, I am hopeful that the entire agricultural community has learned some valuable lessons from the “glyphosate era.’

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