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Calendar of Meetings

2017 June 19-20 19th International Fresenius AGRO Conference “Behaviour of Pesticides in Air, Soil and Water”, Mainz, Germany
June 20-21 Precision Systems in Agricultural and Horticultural Production by the Association of Applied Biologists, Pershore College, Pershore, UK
June 22-25 EWRS Working Group on Optimization of Herbicide use in an IPM context, AFS/Perottis College in Thessaloniki, Greece
June 24-28 Plant Biology 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii
June 25-30 14th World Congress on Parasitic Plants, Pacific Grove, California
Jul 11-12 Diagnosing Herbicide Symptoms 2017, UC Davis
Jul 13 Weed Day 2017, UC Davis
Aug 8-10 New Zealand Plant Protection Society Conference 2017, Trinity Wharf in Tauranga, New Zealand
Aug 16-17 5th National and 1st International Conference on Organic vs. Conventional Agriculture
Aug 22-24 Weed Science School 2017, UC Davis
Sep 4-6 10th International Conference on Agriculture & Horticulture, London, UK
Sep 4-8 EMAPI 2017 – 14th International conference on ecology and management of alien plant invasions: syntheses, challenges and new opportunities, Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 19-22 26th Asian Pacific Weed Science Society Conference “Weed Science for People, Agriculture, and Nature”, Kyoto, Japan
Oct 1 19th New South Wales Biennial Weeds Conference, Armidale, NSW, Australia
Oct 10-14 The 5th International Symposium on “Weeds and Invasive Plants”, Chios, Greece
Oct 16-18 International Conference on Crop Losses Caused by Diseases, Pests, and Weeds; Paris, France
Oct 25-27 XVI Congress of the Spanish Society of Weed Science, Pamplona, Spain
Oct 31- Nov 1 British Crop Production Council (BCPC) Congress 2017, Brighton, UK
Nov 9 British Crop Production Council (BCPC): The 54th Annual Weed Review, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK
Nov 20-24 71st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Weed Science Society, Saskatoon, Canada
2018 Jan 9-11 International Advances in Pesticide Application, Brighton, Sussex, UK
Jan 29-Feb 1 Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA
Jan 29-Feb 2 Special International Workshop on Species Range Extensions and Local Adaptation, Bariloche, Argentina
Feb 27-Mar 1 28th German Conference on Weed Biology and Weed Control, Braunschweig, Germany
Mar 19-22 9th International IPM Symposium, Baltimore, MD
Mar 27-28 Ecosystem and Habitat Management: Research, Policy, Practice; Worcester University, UK
Aug 12-16 XXX International Horticultural Congress, Istanbul, Turkey
Sep 2018 21st Australasian Weeds Conference, Sydney, Australia
Sep 4-7 Neobiota 2018 (10th International Conference on Biological Invasions), Dublin, Ireland
2019 Feb 11-14 Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
May 19-24 14th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry, Ghent, Belgium
Nov 10-14 XIX International Plant Protection Congress,
Hyderabad, India



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