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Joint meeting of North Central Weed Science Society and Midwest Invasive Plant Network to be held December 8-11 in Indianapolis. The growing impact of weeds on farming, gardening and land management will be the focus of the first joint annual meeting of two leading Midwest weed science organizations.
The Weed Science Society of America is advocating an immediate change in the amendment to the 2008 Farm Bill to restore formula funding for the Extension IPM program. We encourage our members to contact elected and appointed government officials and other influential constituents in their state to discuss the benefits of Extension IPM programming, the damage the new funding model causes and the importance of maintaining a stable, efficient nationwide IPM network.
The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has petitioned Congress to rescind a last-minute change to the recently approved 2008 Farm Bill that threatens Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs throughout the United States.
Are weeds sprouting beneath your backyard bird feeder? If so, researchers say the type of feed you use may be to blame. In studies at Oregon State University, scientists examined 10 brands of wild bird feed commonly sold in retail stores. The samples contained seeds from more than 50 weed species – including 10 ranked among Oregon’s most noxious weeds.