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Annual Meetings of Weed Science Societies to Highlight Latest Developments in Research and Management of Weeds and Invasive Plants

The Weed Science Society of America and its sister scientific societies in the U.S. and Canada are preparing for annual meetings that will highlight the latest developments in the research and management of weeds and invasive plants.

First up is the 66thAnnual Meeting of the Canadian Weed Science Society (CWSS), scheduled for November 12-15 at the Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The theme of this year’s event, “Evolution in Action: Changes in Weeds from Crop Domestication to Glyphosate Resistance,” is reflected in a variety of plenary presentations:

  • Steven Shirtliffe of the University of Saskatchewan will discuss the evolution of crops from wild plants and weeds.
  • Leslie Campbell of Ryerson University will focus on the evolution of weeds from crops.
  • J. C. Cahill of the University of Alberta will discuss the evolution of social behavior in plants.
  • Carol Mallory-Smith of Oregon State University will focus on mechanisms contributing to the evolution of glyphosate resistance.
  • Len Juras of Dow AgroSciences will discuss how industry is responding to weed evolution.
  • Neil Harker of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lacombe Research Center will speak on how integrated weed management techniques can slow the evolution of weeds.

“We’re looking forward to an instructive, lively session that will involve scientists, students, educators and professionals who share a common interest in weed science,” says Bill Summers, global technical product manager with E.I. du Pont Canada Company and president of the CWSS.

In addition to the plenary sessions, the meeting will include poster sessions, exhibits and a variety of presentations on weed biology, weed control and regulatory issues. Further information is available at www.weedscience.ca/annual-meeting.

Other upcoming weed science annual meetings include:

  • December 10-13: The North Central Weed Science Society (www.ncwss.org) meets in St. Louis, Missouri. The general session will feature Dale Shaner, Ph.D., a scientist with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, who will share his perspectives on where weed science has been and where it is headed. Scheduled symposia include sessions on the invasive potential of biofuel crops and on how graduate students can find a career in weed science.
  • January 28-30: The Southern Weed Science Society (www.swss.ws) meets in Houston, Texas.
  • February 4-7: The Weed Science Society of America (www.wssa.net) and the Northeastern Weed Science Society (www.newss.org) meet jointly in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • March 11-14: The Western Society of Weed Science (www.wsweedscience.org) meets in San Diego, California.