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Back to the Future Weed Control Strategies Combine Old and New Technology

The message is rather simple: start clean, stay clean; use different modes of action; provide overlapping layers of residual herbicides throughout the season; zero tolerance is the goal; you can’t afford to cut back on weed control.

Cotton farmers face an uphill battle this year as they develop weed control programs that take care of what many expect to be a banner year for glyphosate resistant weeds, especially pigweed. Compounding the problem is the depressed cotton market and the need to manage production costs as closely as possible—without sacrificing profit potential. A recent unprecedented gathering of representatives from nine major herbicide manufacturers in West Texas underlines the importance of the issue and the commitment of industry to cooperate to find solutions. Southwest Farm Press editor Ron Smith covered that meeting and developed this three-part series to show some of the options farmers have to manage tough weed issues. It will take a “back to the future approach,” says Helena Chemical Company’s Michael Kenty.

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