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Weed Bingo is For Sale in the WSSA Bookstore!

Weed Bingo is for sale in the WSSA book store!

WEED BINGO is a fun game that blends a bit of science with interesting and unusual facts about some of the world’s most common and troublesome weeds. Each of the 42 weed cards included in our game includes the common and scientific name of a weed, a photo and a brief description.

WEED BINGO would make a great holiday gift!  The games are a fun educational tool that will help raise awareness weeds and invasive plants in managed and natural ecosystems.  

WEED BINGO is produced by the Weed Science Society of America, with support from the Aquatic Plant Management Society, North Central Weed Science Society, Northeastern Weed Science Society, Southern Weed Science Society and Western Society of Weed Science. Each game is $14.95 + $5 shipping and handling for domestic shipping.

To purchase a game, please visit our website: https://wssa.memberclicks.net/books