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Science Journal Takes an In-Depth Look at Weedy Rice


WESTMINSTER, Colorado – September 9, 2021 – Weedy rice (Oryza spp.) is a serious threat to rice crops around the globe. It can rob them of vital nutrients and cause yield losses of up to 90 percent – creating a serious threat to food security.

In a just-released special edition of the journal Weed Science, researchers share their latest insights on this unwelcome invader and discuss what can be done to reduce its impact.

“Weedy rice is similar in size, shape and structure to the crops it infests, making it tough to identify and control,” says Nilda Roma-Burgos, Ph.D., who took the lead in organizing the publication content. “This special edition features nearly a dozen articles from scientists around the globe on the evolution of the weed, its impact and how it is best managed.”

The articles chosen for publication include:

  • Weedy rice: What’s in a name?
  • Weedy rice update in Arkansas and adjacent locales
  • Survey of rice production practices and perception of weedy red rice in Taiwan
  • Status of weedy rice infestation and management practices in Southern Brazil
  • Weedy rice diversity in Southern Brazil
  • Survey on weedy rice management practices and adoption of Clearfield™ rice technology in peninsular Malaysia
  • Relationship between weedy rice infestation level and agronomic practices in Italian rice farms
  • Dynamics of weedy rice soil seedbank under differing control strategies in Italian rice fields: survey and model study
  • Eighteen years of Clearfield™ rice in Brazil: What have we learned?
  • Evolution of imidazolinone-resistant weedy rice in Malaysia: The current status
  • Rice farming components for biological weed control in transplanted rice: Perspective on weedy rice management

Details on the special edition are available at Just Released Special Edition. In addition, you can read the first article in the issue – Weedy rice: What’s in a name? – here

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