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WSSA Innovative Grants Program – Call for Proposals

The WSSA is accepting proposals from members for consideration in providing seed money to explore innovative ideas in any area of the weed science discipline. Proposals should involve something that WSSA currently does not fund and should be innovative in nature.

Proposals are due to the WSSA Finance Committee Chair Greg Elmore by October 1, 2022. Submit your proposal as a PDF document via e-mail to [email protected].

A total of $100,000 is available to be awarded. The total award amount could be used to support one proposal or split among several proposals. Proposals that are not selected for funding may be reworked and resubmitted in future Innovative Grants Programs. If proposals are selected for funding, there is no renewal of funding. Awards will be issued on December 1, 2022. Funded proposals must be completed within 2 years of funding. The WSSA Innovative Grants Program does not fund indirect costs or overhead of any type or amount.


All WSSA members are eligible and only proposals submitted by WSSA members will be considered. Non-WSSA members may serve as collaborators. A WSSA member may be listed as the lead principal investigator on only one proposal in this call. Individuals may be listed as a collaborator on more than one proposal. A member of the WSSA Board of Directors submitting or collaborating on a proposal will not participate in reviewing and approving any proposals during that same proposal period.

Proposal outline instructions:

Proposal format:

Proposals should be no longer than five (5) pages (single or double spaced, 1” margins). Proposals should contain the following information:

    • a. Cover page:
        • i. Title: highlight the major impact of the project. No more than 15 words.
        • ii. Principal investigator(s): provide name, affiliation, address, email and phone number for each person involved in the work.
        • iii. Period of performance: identify period of performance, starting no earlier than December 1, 2022.
      • b. Objectives: A clear and concise one-sentence statement for each specific numbered objective of proposed work arranged in logical sequence.
      • c. Procedure: A description of activity or investigation, techniques to be used in carrying out proposed work, methods by which experimental data will be analyzed and/or interpreted, and procedures for disseminating and implementing the results. If funded activities are education/outreach focused, provide a description of the intended audience, number of individuals that will be reached and how results will be evaluated (for example, send out a before and after survey).
      • d. Justification: Relevance to weed science.
      • e. Location(s): Research activities location(s) (state/province); field or test laboratories. If funded activities are education/outreach focused, provide a description of geographic area to be covered.
      • f. Budget justification: Provide an itemized budget indicating how the requested funds will be used. Funds can be used for equipment, supplies, labor, travel, other costs, etc.).
      • g. Related information: Provide a summary of the most significant work related to the project (include appropriate citations).
      • h. Expected outcome(s): Provide a brief yet complete description of the expected outcomes of the proposed work and potential impact. The expected outcomes may be the generation of new information, publications, software, etc. The lead principal investigator is required to present results at the WSSA annual meeting and submit a final report to the WSSA Board of Directors within 6 months of completion of work.

    Proposals will be reviewed by the WSSA Executive Committee and proposed award winners will be approved by the WSSA Board of Directors.