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Plant Taxonomist with Clemson University in Pendleton, SC

Type of position Manages the plant/weed/fungus identification section of the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic (PPDC) and provides weed control recommendations to serve clients of PPDC. Serves as the lead investigator to plan, organize, and conduct scientific investigations pertaining to weed management. Develops programs designed to identify and control weeds. Leads the development and operation of novel weed detection and plant ID services at the Molecular Pathogen and Pest Detection (MPPD) Lab. Performs other duties as assigned. Non-Tenure Track, unclassified professional position.

40% – Essential – Manages the plant/weed/fungus identification section of the Department of Plant Industry (DPI) Labs and provides weed control recommendations. Works to support plant pest regulatory programs.

20% – Essential – Serves as lead lab plant taxonomist for PPDC. Identifies and develops programs designed to advance plant diagnosis and weed management as a lead investigator.

20% – Essential – Leads the development, promotion, and operation of novel weed detection and plant/fungus ID services using advanced molecular technologies at the MPPD Lab.

10% – Essential – Train DPI field staff on identification of noxious weeds.

10% – Essential – Participates in outreach and extension activities. Attends trade shows and conferences to provide presentations and lab tours to promote Plant Industry Labs services.

Employer Clemson University
Description of Employer Regulatory Services protects the state from exotic and invasive species, ensures that pesticides are used safely, regulates the structural pest control industry, verifies that fertilizer and lime meet standards and labeled guarantees, conduct programs for seed and organic certification, provides diagnosis of plant pests, and ensures readiness to respond to a catastrophic event impacting the state’s agriculture.
Location Pendleton, SC
Salary $65,000-$75,000
Closing date of competition June 15, 2023
Date position available August 15, 2023
Description of duties

See information in Position Type.  

Qualifications sought

MS in botany, weed sciences, or biological sciences.

Application procedure  
Submit what Resume and Cover Letter. Visit the Clemson HR page at https://www.clemson.edu/human-resources/
Submit to https://www.clemson.edu/human-resources/