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Senior Ecologist

Description of Duties

This position is responsible for managing multiple city-wide ecosystem management policies and programs including the city’s Integrated Pest Management program and the West Nile virus Mosquito Monitoring and Management program. The position is responsible for analysis, project and program development and management, effectiveness monitoring, development and management of partnerships with internal and external groups, and community engagement that effectively maintains and advances these and other community nature-based solutions and related climate action goals. The position may also serve as technical and scientific expert to local, regional, state and national committees to protect environmental and human health. Additionally, this position provides support and coordination between these programs and the design and implementation of the city’s nature-based solutions efforts associated with Boulder’s Climate Initiatives department. Main functions of this position include, under limited supervision, to plan, coordinate and direct the activities of the city’s ecologically-based Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, incorporating biodiversity conservation, co-production of research, and designing monitoring protocols to meet ecosystem management and public health objectives. This position will lead interdepartmental teams and manage projects to develop programs, strategies, best practices, new ecological tools, education and outreach for both staff and the public. The position will provide support to community education on ecosystems-based weed management, pesticide management and alternatives that provide co-benefits for ecosystem services. The position will also coordinate the city’s West Nile virus Mosquito Monitoring and Management Program and develop and implement related city policy for ecosystem management, and implementation of the IPM program. Job Description: ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: City-wide IPM Policy and Program Management Direct IPM related ecosystem management within the city by developing policies, programs and practices to best manage the city’s land, waterways, wildlife and biodiversity, including coordination and management of the city West Nile virus Mosquito (WNv) Monitoring and Management Program and contract. Manage the city IPM implementation and decision-making process, including ongoing updating of the approved pesticide list and IPM operations manual consistent with IPM policy direction and state and/or federal pest management requirements. Insure that the city’s program remains up to date on new chemical and non-chemical treatment strategies, scientific research, and policy changes that affect the city’s IMP and zoonotic disease vector management programs. Provide ongoing education for city staff about IPM, potential pest problems and least toxic and ecosystem-focused strategies. May require coordination with city Facilities department for implementation. Act as a liaison to Boulder County Public Health Department, other municipalities, and academic and government researchers, to reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases, including West Nile virus, through an ecosystems-based approach to wetland ecosystems management, and reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases, including West Nile virus through and community education/outreach activities. Develop and administers program budget, including managing consultants and contractors. Prepare and present items before the City Council, advisory boards and advocacy groups when needed. Natural Climate Solutions Programs and Policy Participate in cross-departmental teams coordinating integration of NbS efforts in broader city plans and actions. Coordinate with multiple city departments in assessing the areas for potential city policy development supporting the development and implementation of critical nature-based solutions. Research policy options and coordinate teams of both internal and external stakeholders and subject matter specialists in developing and implementing local policy provisions designed to further NbS actions. Regional/State Action Develop and/or participate in related regional/state level policy assessments including work with state policy makers in the development and implementation of new NbS and/or IPM policies at both state and federal levels. Develop and/or support regional/state level implementation initiatives designed to pilot or refine systems-scale NbS actions such as regional ecologically focused land management practices, public land research consortia, monitoring programs to assess land management practices on climate, biodiversity, human wellbeing, economic and social impacts, community ecological health, or other similar initiatives. Coordinate Community Engagement Work with city communications and engagement staff and external stakeholders and community organizations to develop and manage community engagement and community science opportunities. The City of Boulder is committed to hiring employees who provide excellent customer service; our employees communicate courteously and responsively and provide effective and efficient service to the public and co-workers. Develop and maintain partnerships with external groups, such as local Universities, Boulder Valley School District, Boulder County and private landowners. This will include providing community outreach on weed and pest management, protection of biodiversity through NbS related strategies, and pesticide management, reduction and alternative practices that enhance ecosystem and community health and resilience. Provides education and technical advice to residents. Serves as the point of contact for residents regarding city IPM and mosquito management/WNV risk reduction. Monitors community feedback on the city’ Aids with technical advice and training on landscape management and IPM to city departments, advisory groups, boards, and committees. May provide technical advice to private landowners on weed management to comply with Colorado State Weed Law. Monitors regional, state and federal actions and regulations as needed and writes new releases for updates to community as needed. This position will participate directly in utilizing the city’s racial equity guidelines and engagement with the city’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) teams to insure broad and inclusive engagement internally and externally.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONSProfessional experience should demonstrate progressively increasing responsibility in leadership and program management.Demonstrated field experience in ecosystem assessment and monitoring as well as project development and management, science communications, and policy development.Ability to demonstrate work with diverse interests and stakeholders from both public sector and the broader public.REQUIRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:Master’s degree or higher in relevant field (ecology, biology, environmental sciences, ecosystem planning and land/resource management)3-5 years of professional experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Professional experience should demonstrate progressively increasing responsibility in leadership and program management. In particular, candidates should have experience in ecosystem assessment and management, project development and management, science communications, and policy development.DESIRED QUALIFICATIONSPhD in a ecology, natural resource management or related disciplines with demonstrated experience in developing field-based research. 6 or more years in field-related experience in ecosystem management related disciplines. Experience working in establishing multidisciplinary research or shared learning processes designed to address complex natural resource or ecosystem management issues/challenges, especially experience in large-scale land restoration/regeneration projects.Significant science communication experience as well as regional, state or national level policy experience. Experience in cross-cultural communication and collaboration, engagement with BIPOC communities,

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Full time, permanent


Hiring Range: 81,744.00 – 99,840.00 This is a full-time salaried position.




Atrium Building 1300 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, Colorado 80301,

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