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Farm Operations Manager

Description of Duties

Help manage space and resources allocations in the research center. Manage day-to-day operations, and safety and safety training at the center; working in concert with the Superintendent, other faculty, and professional staff. Conducts soil sampling for testing and fertilizer amendment. Plant, manage and harvest commodity and foundation seed production fields. Provide assistance to researchers in the planning, planting, in-season managing and harvesting. Maintains inventory of pesticides and fertilizers at WTARC. Strategically plan and coordinate the timely planting, management, and harvesting. Maintenance and repair WTARC vehicles and equipment. Maintain and coordinate repair of WTARC grounds and facilities. Be responsible for maintaining farms records of: Pesticide applications, carryover restrictions, and other associated information that impacts crop ground management. Soil nutrient inventories and fertilizer applications. Crop yields and associated storage of commodities produced. Foundation Seed Production and storage.
Required:Two year associate degree OR an equivalent amount of applicable experience.Knowledge of mechanical maintenance of vehicles and farm equipment.Demonstrated experience in managing farm enterprises.Demonstrated dryland crop production experience.Preferred:Demonstrated supervisory experience.Demonstrated experience in managing budgets.Demonstrated ability to maintain detailed records and inventories.Documented hands-on experience with application of nutrients or herbicides. Demonstrated experience or education with cereal crop rotations and forages and associated pest management practices.

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Conrad, MT 9546 Old Shelby Rd., Conrad, MT 59425,

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Montana State University
The Western Triangle Ag Research Center consists of 75 acres and serves agricultural producers by conducting relevant research in cereals, oilseeds, pulses and forage crops and disseminates the garnered information to general public. The current research center staff is comprised of one superintendent/agronomist, 2 research assistants, an entomologist, and one part time administrative assistant. A local advisory board made up of area producers and industry representatives from the surrounding counties, provides guidance on WTARC research priorities.