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Assistant Professor in Turfgrass and Managed Grasslands Weed Science

Description of Duties

Extension: Responsibilities will include developing proactive outreach educational programs on turfgrass weed management to include (but not limited to) county agent and practitioner training, development and dissemination of educational materials, engaging technology in outreach educational programs, participation in interdisciplinary IPM educational programs, and resource development, and provide regional and national leadership in outreach to target audiences. Target sectors include commercial and residential lawn care, institutional grounds, sports turf (including golf and others), roadside turf, grasslands, biomass-energy grasses, and related. Research: The incumbent in this position is expected to develop an innovative and extramurally funded research program that addresses the current and future needs of the turfgrass industries. The research should be closely aligned with the Extension mission, addressing practical weed management challenges, based on industry needs. The research should include the utilization of new technologies, biological traits related to weed establishment and management, and or other innovative alternatives to traditional weed control practices. Teaching: Responsible for taking the lead and co-teaching CS 470/570 (Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management) and contributing subject matter lectures in appropriate academic classes. Advising and mentoring graduate students is required. This position will also seek national and international research and extension collaborations. Turfgrass and forage grasses are international commodities and the NC State Turfgrass Weed Science position is expected to play a leading role in this field.
PhD degree in relevant discipline. Expertise in weed science and turfgrass management. Demonstrated ability in the classroom. Excellent written and oral communication skills with demonstrated ability to publish peer-reviewed research in nationally and internationally recognized journals.

Type of position

EHRA Faculty


$92,500 – 100,000



101 Derieux Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7620,

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North Carolina State University, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences encompasses diverse disciplines in research, extension, and teaching. The department mission is to develop future leaders in crop, soil, and environmental sciences, improve crop plants and products, devise effective and sustainable crop production systems, devise effective and sustainable soil management techniques in both agriculture and urban settings; and disseminate crop, soil, and environmental science knowledge for the benefit of users and producers of food, feed, turfgrass, biofuels and fiber in North Carolina, the nation and the world.