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WSSA Lesson Module – Herbicide Resistance Management in Turf Crops:

This lesson was developed by a WSSA sub-committee and reviewed by the WSSA Board of Directors and other WSSA members before being released. The sub-committee was composed of Shawn Askew (Virginia Tech University), Jim Brosnan (University of Tennessee), Wes Everman (North Carolina State University), Les Glasgow (Syngenta Crop Protection), Lynn Ingegneri (Consultant), Ramon Leon (University of Florida), Scott McElroy (Auburn University), Jill Schroeder (New Mexico State University), David Shaw (Mississippi State University), John Soteres (Monsanto Company) (sub-committee chair), Jeff Stachler (North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota), and François Tardif (University of Guelph).

Financial support for this was provided by Global HRAC, North America HRAC, and WSSA. Our thanks are extended to the National Corn Growers Association for allowing us to use training materials posted on their website as the starting point for these training lessons.

Copyright disclaimer: The copyright in these Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) training lessons is owned by the WSSA. WSSA grants you a limited license to use these materials solely for training and educational purposes. Slides may be used individually, and their order of use may be changed; however, the content of each slide and the associated narrative may not be altered. If you have questions, please contact Eric Gustafson at (info@wssa.net) and phone (720.977.7940).

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