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Funding and Grants

WSSA-NIFA Fellow: Dr. James Kells, Michigan State University (kells@msu.edu)

Important Information:

USDA-NIFA has developed a Weed Science Funding page to archive all relevant funding opportunities within USDA for Weed Science researchers. Scroll down to RELATED CONTENT section at the bottom of the page for relevant opportunities. The EXTERNAL RESOURCES section at the bottom lists previously funded projects. A list of FY 2017 USDA grant and partnership programs that can address invasive species research, technical assistance, prevention and control is available here.

For any questions on USDA grants, contact Dr. Rob Hedberg (rhedberg@nifa.usda.gov).

Information on NIFA funding and how to succeed in grantsmanship:

This PDF file contains slides and notes from the special session, “Navigating the New Landscape of Federal Funding”, which was held at the 2017 WSSA meeting in Tucson, AZ. It contains information and insights that should be useful to anyone planning a proposal submission. Highlights include:

  • New NIFA panel organization – Many options are available for funding weed science research, some with relatively high funding rates.
  • Tips for preparing your proposal – Take home message: Study the RFA, write clearly, and call the Program Leaders with your questions!
  • Lessons from the 2016 panel – It seemed to work well for Weed Science. Read the Panel Manager’s thoughts on the process.

Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship (NNF) Grants Program

Active Calls:

Recently Closed:

Previous calls

Grant Opportunities for Weed Science Researchers:



Additional Resources:

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  • Future Research Directions for Weed Science
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