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This section archives survey results for the most common and troublesome weeds in the U.S. and Canada. This is a voluntary survey offered to the members of the:

Common weeds refer to those weeds you most frequently see, while troublesome weeds are those that are most difficult to control (but may not be widespread). A baseline survey was conducted in 2015 and surveyed weeds in 26 different crop, non-crop, aquatic, and natural areas. For the subsequent years 2016-2018, the survey is divided into a 3 year rotation for weeds in 1) broadleaf crops; 2) grass crops; and 3) aquatic/non-crop areas. For more details of the survey, contact Lee Van Wychen (Lee.vanwychen@wssa.net), Science Policy Director for the National and Regional Weed Science societies.

  • 2017 Survey for weeds in grass crops, pasture and turf 
    • Crops/systems surveyed: 1) corn, 2) rice, 3) sorghum, 4) spring cereal grains, 5) winter cereal grains, 6) pastures, rangeland, other hay, and 7) turf (Survey is closed now and results will be posted here soon).

Survey results

Future Surveys

  • 2018 Survey – Weeds in Aquatic Systems, Non-Crop, and Natural areas

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