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The 48th Annual Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America Hosts International Experts on Weed Management

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America will convene February 4 – 7 in Chicago, at the Hilton Chicago, 720 South Michigan Avenue. Orion Samuelson, Agribusiness Director for WGN Radio and host of the syndicated radio programs National Farm Report and Samuelson Sez, will deliver the keynote address.
Nearly 400 scientists from ten countries will gather to share the latest weed science research exploring the agricultural, environmental, economic and ecological impacts of weeds and various aspects of weed management. In addition to more than three hundred professional posters and papers that will be presented, these scientific symposia will be offered:

  • Invasive Plant Species & the New Bioeconomy
    A risk-benefit analysis of the potential risks of invasive species and the environmental benefits of biofuels and biofeedstock crop development will be explored.
  • Charting the Course for Weed Genomics
    Molecular biology/genomics approaches in weed science research will be outlined, along with the current efforts and opportunities of weed genomics.
  • Geographic Information Systems for Invasive Weed Management & Research
    An introduction to Geographic Information Systems will be provided as well as ananalysis of how they can be used to gain insight into the behavior of weed populations over time.
  • The Role, Value, & Importance of Complimentary Herbicides for Weed Management in Glyphosate-Tolerant Crops
    With an increasing reliance on glyphosate and the continuing evolution of glyphosate resistant weeds, the importance of integrating other herbicides as part of a sustainable weed management program will be discussed.
  • Glyphosate Resistance Mechanisms: Current Understanding & New Insights
    The current knowledge around glyphosate resistance will be assessed to gain new perspectives and spur new research ideas for its management.

Please visit our website at http://www.wssa.net for a complete schedule of events for the 48th Annual Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America.

About the Weed Science Society of America:
The Weed Science Society of America, a nonprofit professional society, was founded in 1956 to encourage and promote the development of knowledge concerning weeds and their impact on the environment. The Weed Science Society of America promotes research, education and extension outreach activities related to weeds, provides science-based information to the public and policy makers, and fosters awareness of weeds and their impacts on managed and natural ecosystems. For more information, visit http://www.wssa.net.