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WSSA to Sponsor Second National Summit on Herbicide Resistance

Today the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) announced plans for a second national scientific summit on the topic of herbicide resistance.

Scheduled for September 10 in Washington, D.C., the event will be hosted by the National Research Council at the Auditorium in the National Academy of Sciences Building on Constitution Avenue. It is expected to draw public policy makers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, growers and educators who are interested in reducing the devastating threat herbicide resistance represents to agricultural productivity.  Everyone is invited to attend.

WSSA sponsored a similar event in 2012 to share best management practices that can reduce the incidence of herbicide resistance, including diversification of weed control tactics used by growers. The upcoming Summit will build on the insights and perspectives developed during that first event, with the goal of promoting a shared understanding of herbicide resistance issues and effective ways to address them.

The program will focus on the current state of the herbicide resistance problem, recent accomplishments and learnings, the economics of weed management, education and outreach initiatives, new technologies, regulatory issues and a call to action.

“Our objective is for everyone who attends to walk away knowing the role they can play in helping to address this critical challenge – whether it involves the choices they make in weed management or their support for education initiatives and incentives that promote informed stewardship,” says David Shaw, Ph.D., WSSA past president and chair of their Herbicide Resistance Education Committee.

Further details on the Summit will be posted soon to the WSSA website. Further information and resources on herbicide resistance are also available on the site at www.wssa.net/weed/resistance.

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