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The New Edition of WSSA Herbicide Handbook Will be Available Soon

The Weed Science Society of America has completely revised and updated the Herbicide Handbook (10th edition), with now over 500 pages of information on more than 230 herbicides currently in commercial production. The handbook includes a handy reference glossary of technical terms and an easy-to-use alphabetical format for quickly finding a specific herbicide. The handbook also contains listings for herbicide adjuvants. The book is currently under publication and is expected to be available for sale by mid-July, 2014. It is priced reasonably at $95, with no hikes since 2007.

The paper-based version of the new edition will be available in the first phase, but a WSSA sub-committee has been working on developing an online version of the same, which will be available in the near future.

For any specific queries regarding the Herbicide Handbook, please contact Joyce Lancaster at [email protected].